Vinessa Shaw stars in Spanish remake of Who Can Kill A Child (Child's Play)?

If there's one obscure 70s Spanish movie that ought not be remade...it's WHO CAN KILL A CHILD.

But that isn't stopping Fox International Productions, which is set to bring the title, dubbed CHILD'S PLAY, to European Film Market next month to drum up some business. Word is Y TU TAMBIAN and RUDO Y CURSI stars Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal are producing the Spanish language remake. Some cat named Makinov (no register on IMDB) is in line to direct.

According to Screen Daily, Vinessa Shaw (pictured below) stars as a pregnant woman whose remote island getaway is terrorized by possessed children. Ebon Moss and Daniel Gimenez Cacho round out the key cast.

Trust me when I say that simple logline doesn't do the original film justice. Of my 31 days of horror viewing in 2010, WHO CAN KILL A CHILD ranked #1. It's solid, suspenseful, bleak, and has one of the best downer endings I can think of. If there's one thing we can perhaps look forward to with a Spanish remake, it's that the ending should be kept intact and not sanitized for wide Hollywood audiences. Keep it the same, or don't remake it at all...that'd be my advice.

As for Shaw, I'll always remember her as the cutie from LADYBUGS, or the disease-ridden hooker in EYES WIDE SHUT. Since starring in THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake though, the bona fide beauty has championed the horror genre like few else. Hell, I even saw her the other night in some indie-horror flick called STAG. I am a fan!

More on CHILD'S PLAY as we land it. In the meantime, go watch the original!

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen the 1976 version of WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? How do you take this remake news? Glad it's at least in Spanish?
Source: Screen Daily



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