Vinnie Jones is on the warpath in new pics from Adam Gierasch's Schism

You obviously wouldn't like Vinnie Jones when he's angry...

The former footballer is shooting guns and scalping chicks in these new pics from SCHISM, a new thriller from director Adam Gierasch (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS '09). Flick deals with some trippy subject matter, which you can dive into below.

Having woken from a coma 8 months before, Dylan White is leading a normal life. He has absolutely no memory of who he is or where he’s from, so he’s trying to start again with as little drama as possible. He has a job that takes no effort and a girlfriend that gives the right amount of commitment to fit easily into his purposefully empty life.

He is just fine with rolling along, going with the flow, until he begins unexplainably sliding between our world and another terrifying dimension; a world filled with unimaginable horrors and one in which he has no control.

As he recalls more & more tiny snippets of information from these switches in reality, it dawns on Dylan that he has at some point in his forgotten life committed a horrible crime and that he is getting glimpses of his afterlife – his own personal hell. His only chance to avoid it is to right his wrongs. Can Dylan discover his sins before he’s condemned to eternal damnation? Or is he about to find out what really happens when your past comes back to haunt you?

SCHISM also stars Callum Blue and Ashlyn Yennie. It's currently in post-production.

Extra Tidbit: Adam Gierasch and his co-writer Jace Anderson also scripted MOTHER OF TEARS, MORTUARY and THE TOOLBOX MURDERS
Source: GFM Films



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