Wachowskis eyeing Mila Kunis & Channing Tatum for sci-fi thriller Jupiter Ascending

Last October word dropped that once the Wachowskis brothers finish adapting CLOUD ATLAS, they're headed back to original territory with the sci-fi thriller JUPITER ASCENDING. This past January, Natalie Portman (who was attached to CLOUD ATLAS before announcing a break in acting to take care of her baby) was being considered for a lead, but now it looks like her BLACK SWAN pal may take her place instead...

Deadline has it that Mila Kunis (below) and Channing Tatum (above) have been offered deals by the Warner Bros. to star in JUPITER ASCENDING. The Wachowskis have just completed CLOUD ATLAS, and look to enter production on their new endeavor later this year. As you might expect from these guys, plot details on JUPITER ASCENDING will remain furtive as long as possible.

Tatum's stock is rising, having just appeared in the hit 21 JUMP STREET. Girls certainly love this guy, so maybe that's the thought of Andy and Lana...to attract a female contingent to what otherwise sounds like a straight up sci-fi thriller. Kunis has Sam Raimi's OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL in the wings, not to mention TAR, TED and HELL & BACK.

Alright, so while this isn't official news, do you actually think Kunis and Tatum would deny the chance to work with the Wachowskis. Only if it's completely untenable schedule wise would I see that as the case. So, if we're to think this will follow through...how do we like the Kunis/Tatum pairing?

Extra Tidbit: 21 JUMP STREET made $21.3 million in its second week out.
Source: Deadline



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