Wake in Fright and First Blood director Ted Kotcheff doc is coming

Angel Light Pictures announced that they will produce THE APPRENTICESHIP OF TED KOTCHEFF, a documentary about the life of Ted Kotcheff (William T. Kotcheff). The film will track the cinematic journey of the legendary Canadian film and television director, by Antonio Saillant in his debut as a director (Heterosexual, The Ascension)and produced by Fangoria's Tony Timpone.

Kotcheff has a long history in cinema, with titles like WAKE IN FRIGHT, FIRST BLOOD and UNCOMMON VALOR to his credit. (And, yes, WEEKEND AT BERNIES as well.)

THE APPRENTICESHIP OF Ted KOTCHEFF recounts fifty years of William T. Kotcheff's remarkable life journey. The film will be an intimate portrait of one of the most influential filmmakers of our time as he follows his dreams from Canada to London to the US. This personal and professional biography features clips of Kotcheff's path-breaking movies. His colleagues and fellow moviemakers will also share their experiences and memories of Kotcheff through candid interviews.

For those unfamiliar with Kotcheff's work, this film will expose them to the artistic energies and influences that inspired him. For fans it will be a unique look into the man they thought they knew.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Ted Kotcheff flick?



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