Walkers go to boot camp for Universal's Walking Dead Attraction

The Walking Dead AMC

On July 4th, Universal Studios Hollywood will be opening The Walking Dead Attraction, "an enhanced maze with recognizable props and locations from the show." Basically, it's like one of their Halloween Horror Nights mazes but this maze is going to be open every day of the year, allowing fans to be scared witless by walkers.

The walkers in the maze will be a mixture of animatronic creatures and live performers wearing makeup created by The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero and his KNB EFX Group.

Of course, you can't just put performers into the maze and expect them to be the perfect zombies without giving them some training first. A new behind-the-scenes video that has been released online gives us a look at how Nicotero hosts what is referred to as "Walker Boot Camp", rehearsing with the attraction's performers just like he does with the TV show's walker performers.

Check out the video below and get a look at the performers who will be freaking people out in The Walking Dead Attraction starting next Monday.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be going through The Walking Dead Attraction?



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