Want to be in a horror movie? Enter this contest from Full Moon Features!

If you're reading this right now then you're a fan of horror movies, right? Right. And if you're a fan of horror flicks then chances are you'd love to be in a horror movie, right? Right. So what if I told you Full Moon Features wanted to give you that opportunity?!

That's right folks. Full Moon Features are currently running a contest where you, yes YOU, can win a role in one of Charles Band's upcoming films. The contest is looking for ten grand prize winners, which will be announced on Halloween! The winners will also score some Full Moon Direct Gift Certificates! From the looks of it the movie in question is an entry in the PUPPET MASTER franchise though that's not confirmed.

From the mind of Charles Band, Full Moon Features wants to know if you're brave enough to meet your fate! Right now, you and your friends can enter for a chance to be in one of our upcoming movies.

Entering is easy... just be sure to read the rules first! Our puppets are very particular about their next prey. If you're ready to be followed, chased, or perhaps a victim in an upcoming Full Moon Feature here's your opportunity of a lifetime!

The deadline for entries is October 14th so if you want to get on the set of a Full Moon Features horror romp then you better act quick and enter that shite right over HERE!

Eve Mauro of Full Moon Features' ZOMBIES VS. STRIPPERS
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