Help out Brea Grant's post-apocalyptic romp Best Friends Forever!

The post-apocalyptic thriller BEST FRIENDS FOREVER stars genre hottie Brea Grant who also wrote and directed it as well. Trifecta - nailed it! Now Grant and co-star/co-writer Vera Miao need YOUR help to finish this bad larry.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is currently in post-production but Grant and company need a little help putting together a finished project. Their goal is to reach $75,000 by April 24th. That's 30 days. Their current total - $8,449. I'm rooting for you ladies... but that's going to be a tough one.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a dark comedy and sci-fi horror film, combining equal parts buddy film, road trip and nuclear apocalypse story, but with girls. Harriet, the perpetual but unsuccessful optimist, has finally figured out how to take her passion for comics and turn it into a responsible life. But when she and Reba, her seemingly devil-may-care best friend, hit the road to Austin, TX, an impending nuclear apocalypse endangers the best-laid plans and even the best of friendships.

Two girls, a '76 AMC Pacer, the open road, and an impending nuclear apocalypse. Would you want to see that on a movie screen? Brea Grant and Vera Miao wrote this screenplay together, and in November 2011, with a lot of heart, ingenuity, sweat and very little money, shot all over Texas on beautiful Super 16mm film. If you love sci-fi, classic cars, road trips, desert landscapes, snappy dialogue, independent filmmaking, women filmmakers, or us, or if this just sounds like a movie you want to see, help us get closer to the editing, color correction, sound design, special effects and other technical thingamajiggies we need to bring BEST FRIENDS FOREVER to a screen near you.

For more details and ways you can donate head on over to Kickstarter. For more goods from the flick you can tap it's official website.


Extra Tidbit: Brea Grant's (above) debut film was the 2007 horror/comedy YOU'RE SO DEAD.
Source: Kickstarter



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