Want to live in an exact replica of Michael Myers' house?

I don't know if I'm jealous of whoever gets this room, or if I'll just be waiting for their missing posters to pop online with everyone else. I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

Here's the deal:

There's this guy named Kenny Caperton. Kenny had a full-size house built back in 2009 - that he lives in with his wife - and it is an exact replica of the Myers house from HALLOWEEN. The replica house is in Hillsborough, North Carolina - not Haddonfield, Illinois, or even South Pasadena, California - but whatever. Still cool.

Now if you live in or abouts that area of the world - or are willing to pack up and leave all your friends and families behind - then you're in luck! Kenny and his wife are looking for a full-time roommate.

See what I mean? Some of you just jumped in the excitement of thinking about living in the Myers house. Others thought to themselves, "Nope. That's how they get you." And I am somewhere in-between.

But leaning mostly towards, "I want Judith's room!"

Anyhow, Caperton has let peeps into his home every Halloween because he's awesome, but this is the first time he's been looking for someone to habitually and willingly sleep within its walls (not literally in its wall, Bryan).

Caperton announced over on Facebook and you can check out the post below:



Now, I know what you're thinking, "Why the hell can't I read that Facebook post?" Because Facebook thinks every website's background is white evidently.

No matter here is the full text:

Want to live in The Myers House NC?! Well you might be in luck - I’m looking for a housemate! Available Now. Male or female inquiries welcome. Unfurnished bedroom with walk in closet and connecting bathroom. House is located in rural Hillsborough, North Carolina (10 minutes from downtown Hillsborough, 20 minutes from Chapel Hill, 25 minutes from Burlington, 30 minutes from downtown Durham and 50 minutes from downtown Raleigh). DM me for more info. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE.

Again, I'm on the fence about this.

But you better believe that if I only lived, like, down the block from these people I'd be tripping over my dog right now so I could run down the street like a guy in a battered tux at the end of a romantic comedy to ring their doorbell and then jump into their arms when said door was opened.

But I live in Florida so I think my life and my soul are safe. But whoever does move in there NEEDS to make a horror movie about this situation. It must become a stipulation of the lease.

Would YOU live in this replica Michael Myers house out in (I assume) the middle of the woods? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

You can find out more info and message about the room RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Go ahead, move into the house. Don't be scared, it's just a house. Go on. Do it.
Source: Facebook



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