Want to move into the Amityville house?

Amityville house

You may have heard of a certain place located on Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. It was the site of a horrific mass murder in 1974, when an entire family was shot dead in their beds. A few years later, the new owners fled the home in the middle of the night, claiming the place was inhabited by evil spirits. 

That night, a horror legend was established, and it has spawned multiple books, a franchise of films, several cinematic takes on the story that aren't part of the official franchise, documentaries, you name it. The Amityville horror even plays a part in current box office topper THE CONJURING 2.

Although its late '70s residents and paranormal investigators have said the place is haunted, the Amityville house has been a peaceful place to live for several inhabitants over the last few decades, and now someone else is going to get their chance to live there.

The five bedroom, four bath colonial home, which is located right on the Amityville River and has a boat house and a two car garage on the property, is now on the market, going for $850,000.

So here's your chance, horror fans. Will one of you be moving into the Amityville house? Those iconic windows are long gone, but it's still the same place, with the same history, and possibly the same spirits, even though it's been a while since anyone has encountered them.

Amityville house windows

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