Want to see Gremlins and Nightmare Before Christmas in theaters this December?

Tugg, Inc., the web-platform that enables individuals to choose the films that play in their local theaters, recently unveiled a slate of "feel bad" holiday films that just might be available in theaters this December - if you, the moviegoing public, have your say.

Not all of the films necessarily interest us, but there are certainly a few titles that stand out like overstuffed stockings on the mantle: GREMLINS (request a screening HERE), THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (request a screening HERE, DIE HARD (request a screening HERE) and LETHAL WEAPON (request a screening HERE) - all Christmas season "musts" in my home, and I'm sure in plenty of yours.

If you're unsure of how Tugg works, head on over to its official site and they'll lay it out for you. I still personally haven't participated in any of their events, but this holiday medley could very well change that.

Here are the plot breakdowns for each of these movies...

Just kidding. If you need those, you need more help than you can find here.

Extra Tidbit: You know what I'm gonna ask: Which of these holiday genre classics is your fav? (I've got to go with GREMLINS myself.)
Source: Tugg.com



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