Warner Bros. and Akiva Goldman set to adapt graphic novel Lucid

Warner Bros. and producer Akiva Goldsman (I AM LEGEND) are teaming up to bring the 4-part graphic novel series LUCID to the big screen. I've got to get in on the comic-book scene; seems like every day there's a new Hollywood adaptation of a book I haven't even heard of.

Penned by "True Blood" thesp Michael McMillian and illustrated by Anna Wieszczyk, LUCID takes place in a parallel universe where magic is real and world leaders have secret agents working to fight off supernatural threats. Main character is a young agent, recently appointed "Protector of the Realm," who must use his skills as a covert spy and combat mage to stop an occult technology dealer.

LUCID was created in part by "Heroes" and "American Horror Story" actor Zachary Quinto; his production banner Before the Door conceived the book and will also be involved with the film adaptation. Archaia Entertainment published it, and their editor-in-chief Stephen Christy will serve as an executive producer.

No screenwriter or director is involved yet.

Quinto's "Heroes" co-star, Hayden Panittiere

Extra Tidbit: Have you read LUCID?
Source: Variety



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