Warner Bros. pick up pitch for futuristic action romp Law Zero

Here at AITH we like to keep our eyes open for any intriguing sci-fi action flicks that might be heading our way. More often than not the sub-genre puts out some pretty solid stuff... let's hope this next project falls into that category!

News over at Variety today has Warner Bros. snatching up a pitch for a futuristic action flick called LAW ZERO. The pitch came from the directing duo of Bruno Zacarias and Miguel "Macgregor" de Olaso (right), who had a trailer and outline all prepared. Not too shabby. Roy Lee has been tapped with the task of producing.

Unfortunately the plot details for LAW ZERO are being kept under wraps but with the flick being described as a futuristic action romp you can't really go wrong, right? Let's hope so. As soon as more news on LAW ZERO comes our way you'll be the first to know.

Extra Tidbit: The directing duo of Bruno Zacarias and Miguel "Macgregor" de Olaso are collectivley known as "Zac&Mac."
Source: Variety



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