Warner Bros. set to turn sci-fi thriller short True Skin into feature film

Shadowy forces? The black market of Bangkok? Mysterious computer chips? Looks like we have an intriguing new sci-fi thriller on our hands...

True talk. THR has it that Warner Bros. has decided to let Stephan Zlotescu adapt his own short film TRUE SKIN into a feature length adaptation. Zlotescu is an FX maven, having done all kinds of music video work for stars like Kanye, Gaga and Minaj. Should be interesting to see how he handles a first feature.

Speaking of, the short is set in the not-too-distant future where everyone is augmenting their bodies. The story’s hero can't afford to augment in the U.S., so he heads to the black market of Bangkok where he gets a hold of a mysterious chip that he discovers is slowly turning him robotic -- and is a hot commodity wanted by shadowy forces. The feature will incorporate that aspect as it thrusts the hero in a race against time to elude his pursuers and save what's left of his humanity.

HARRY POTTER producer David Heyman (of Heyday Films) will here as well, along with Chris Sewall, Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers.

Extra Tidbit: Peep the short above and let us know what you think.



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