Warner Bros. taps Tom Wheeler to redraft script for Mandrake the Magician

Last September we gave you the skinny about Warner Bros. and Atlas turning MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN into a feature film. Any chance you remember that shite?

Well, looks like the studio is moving forward, now assigning PUSS IN BOOTS scribe Tom Wheeler to try his hand at the script. David and Janet Peoples wrote a first draft.

Mandrake told of the adventures of an illusionist who had the power to hypnotize his foes at great speed. With his companion Lothar, an African strongman, he fought evildoers ranging from gangsters to masters of disguise to aliens. He also had a twin brother who used his power for evil instead of good.

Created by Lee Falk in 1934, the plan is to give the character a modern makeover. You think it'll work? If so, how much of the alien and evil twin aspect should they focus on?

More on MANDRAKE when the smoke clears!

Extra Tidbit: If PUSS IN BOOTS star Salma Hyek (above) turns up, I'll watch!
Source: Variety



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