Watch a scene from Paranormal Activity 4 not seen in theaters

With the release of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 on home video today, Paramount has released a scene from the "recovered files" of the film; in other words, a deleted scene. Evidently the Blu-ray/DVD has at least 30 minutes of recovered files, so if you thought you saw the whole story when you plopped down in the theater to take PA4 in, you've got another thing coming! (Perhaps the new footage improves the movie's logic?)

In addition to the deleted scenes, the newly issued disc includes an unrated version of the film, although it's unclear how that differs from the theatrical cut.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 continues the shocking story of the evil surrounding Katie and her nephew Hunter as a new family begins experiencing unexplained events that quickly turn deadly.

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Extra Tidbit: If you're among the many that skipped PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 in the theater, will you be giving it a chance on home video?



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