Watch this badass 9 minute behind-the-scenes featurette from Aftershock

AFTERSHOCK has finally landed its way into theaters this weekend and to celebrate we've got this fantastic nine-minute long featurette feating a behind the scenes look at Nicolas Lopez's disaster flick. The video shows off a great look at the set design as well as the practical effects they used throughout the film. There's an awesome amount of blood in this featurette alone so I can only imagine just how gory the actual movie is! Not only do we get a great look at the film but there's also interviews with cast and crew as they talk about there experience shooting the film.

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In Chile an American tourist’s vacation goes from good to great when he meets some beautiful women travelers. But when an earthquake ravages the underground nightclub they are in, a fun night quickly turns to terror. Escaping to the surface is just the beginning as they face the nightmarish chaos above ground.

You can find AFTERSHOCK in theaters now!

Extra Tidbit: Have any of you guys had the chance to see AFTERSHOCK yet?
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