Wayfare Entertainment opens The Gate for feature length expansion

Though not the one you may be familiar with, get ready to open THE GATE...

Deadline is reporting that Wayfare Entertainment is expanding Matt Westrup's 2011 horror short THE GATE into a feature length film. Westrup will continue to direct the tale, though a new writer will be brought in to adapt the script to feature length. Spencer Friend will produce alongside Ben Browning and Sarah Shepard.

The skinny: A new virulent strain of rabies is thought to be responsible for a number of horrible deaths in the city of London. It soon becomes clear that the cause of the condition has a much more sinister origin.

About the expansion, Westrup said the following:

“Our plan for The Gate was to always expand and build upon the world that I conceived for the 11 minute short. Wayfare Entertainment shares our vision in taking those themes and ideas, and adapting them into a sci-fi thriller that is driven by a grounded, sophisticated plot and intriguing character arcs.”

Sounds cool enough, but it'll be interesting to see which GATE movie gets made first, this one or the remake of the 1987 classic. Time will tell.

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Source: Deadline



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