We Are What We Are remake adds cast, including Elvis' granddaughter

Jim Mickle's remake of the Mexican cannibal family drama WE ARE WHAT WE ARE is starting to take shape, having just added a handful of names to the cast, as well as a shooting location and start date. Break out the silverware!

Riley Keough (aka Elvis Presley's granddaughter; pictured), Julia Garner, Bill Sage and Wyatt Russell will star in the film, which is set in the Catskills section of New York. Shooting will commence on May 29th and last until July; Memento Films International is producing.

Mickle and his STAKE LAND co-writer Nick Damici have somewhat altered the premise of Jorge Michel Grau's original film, changing character sexes and adding a few new ones.

As Screen Daily has it, Keough and Garner will play a pair of sisters who are secluded from mainstream society. Following the untimely death of their mother, their father, played by Sage, forces them to perform a depraved ritual, carried out by their ancestors for generations. Russell will play a young deputy who is in love with Keough’s character.

This is the second weird chick role for Keough of late; she'll be seen playing a lesbian werewolf in JACK & DIANE, which just played at the Tribeca Film Festival.

If you're unfamiliar with the original, here's the synopsis for that one: Life would be hard for anyone following the unexpected death of their father. But life is harder for young Adrian, Sheila and Alfredo. Because their family is not normal. There's is a family of cannibals and their father, you see, was the hunter. So not only do they have to cope with their grief, they also have to deal with the hunger. And one of them must learn to kill if any of them are going to survive.

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Source: Screen Daily



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