We interview Nicolas Winding Refn, Keanu Reeves and more for The Neon Demon!

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The latest feature film from Nicolas Winding Refn is a strange and cautionary tale about the vindictive side of modeling. THE NEON DEMON is a beauty of an experience, but one that will be devisive. Of course, his films tend to be that way for many. Still, the filmmaker has gathered an impressive cast that includes Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves, Jena Malone, Bella Heathcote and more. It is an artful flick, one that explores a very ugly side of a beautiful world.

We started our conversation with Keanu Reeves. The actor portrays a very wicked motel manager who clearly has bad intentions. We talked about playing such a dark and twisted role and working in Refn's world. Reeves is always a lot of fun to talk to and he is clearly having a blast playing against type.

Next up with spoke with Elle Fanning, who continues to be one of the best interviews you can have with somebody. Her passion and excitement for what she does is always inspiring. She discussed how she was always a fan of Refn, but never thought she'd be able to work with him. She also talked about playing a character who leaves you guessing about what kind of person she is exactly. Either way, Fanning is terrific here.

Then we stepped in to talk with the lovely Bella Heathcote, who we last spoke to on PRIDE AND PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES. The actress talked about the differences between the modeling world and filmmaking. She also talked about working with Abbey Lee who is a professional model as well, and how she helped legitimize the performances.


Finally we checked in with Nicolas and Christina. With Nicolas we discussed the ideas behind the film, and why he considers this a horror movie without actually being horror. As for the beautiful Ms. Hendricks, she talked about dealing with characters like the one she plays in her own career. This was a terrific cast to chat with, and they've made one hell of a cool and bizarre movie. Fans of Refn will surely find some love for his latest, THE NEON DEMON, I know I did.

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