We talk It Comes at Night w/ Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, and more!

It Comes at Night Joel Edgerton Carmen Egojo Riley Keough

IT COMES AT NIGHT is poised to be one of the summer's sleeper horror hits. A pitch-black tale of what life actually could look like after a mysterious plague eats up most of humanity, the Trey Edward Shults film focuses on a handful of people who've hidden themselves away in the woods with only their resolve, and love for one another, to keep them going. It's not going to be the "feel good" film of the year, but it's sure to leave an impression on whoever crosses its path.

Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo and Kelvin Harrison Jr. play three remaining members of a traumatized family who keep a watchful eye over their desolate farmhouse and each other. Their already-strained existence is put to a test when another family of desperate survivors come knocking on their door. I recently spoke to the three actors - all plague-free and looking refreshed - about the atmosphere on the set, how they'd feel if they were put in this situation, working on the story, and more!

Christopher Abbott and Riley Keough play the heads of that other family in this scenario; parents of a young child who are seeking whatever help they can possibly find as the world crumbles around them. Friendly and helpful, are these characters as truly harmless as they appear? I spoke to Abbott and Keough about the messages the movie sends about human nature, working with their young co-star, and how they would fare during the end of the world.

Extra Tidbit: IT COMES AT NIGHT opens June 9th.

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