We talk Rambo: Last Blood with the legendary Sylvester Stallone!

As an actor, it’s rare to find that perfect role that becomes more than simply a performance, it becomes an icon. Then there are guys like Sylvester Stallone who not only gave us ROCKY, but he also gave one hell of a show in FIRST BLOOD which lead to one of the most intense action figures in cinema today. With the latest sequel, Stallone is still at the top of his game with RAMBO: LAST BLOOD. And I absolutely loved it! Last Blood is exactly what fans are hoping for. This impressive and intense sequel builds to an intense crescendo, and frankly, the film proves to be quite ballsy with a couple of choices. Also starring Paz Vega, Yvette Monreal and Adriana Barraza, Stallone is back for a brutal blast of action and thrills. This movie rocks!

We at JoBlo.com were more than honored to sit across from this incredible talent to talk about his latest. And what made it all the more amazing… not only is he one of the nicest guys around, this icon also happens to be a fan of JoBlo! And he made sure to thank us in person. During our conversation, we discussed Sly’s take on Rambo after all these years. He opened up about a deleted scene that the studio wanted him to take out of the previous film. He also discussed not taking on directorial duties for this film, and how that came about. And finally, he thought a bit about where Rambo would go from here which he brought into the conversation, and frankly, I want this next sequel to happen!

Next up, we spoke to both Yvette Monreal and Adriana Barraza. The two play an important role in the new film as a sort of family to John Rambo. The two discussed working with Stallone, and just how easy it was finding their relationship. The family dynamic here is important, as it gives the new sequel something that none of the previous films have had. As Stallone discussed, this is the closest Rambo has had to truly having a family and an honest to goodness home life. And both Yvette and Adriana were so incredibly delightful, that it’s no surprise why they both were cast in the film.

Generally, once you finish with the interviews, you are ready to move on. However, this was a bit different. After finishing up, we were asked if we’d like to speak to the three of the stars together. This was a most welcome surprise and pleasure. So once again, I spoke with Stallone, Monreal and Barraza, and you could see why they worked so well together. They opened up about tackling a very serious subject matter, yet still finding the line of creating an wildly entertaining and action packed feature film. As a fan of this series, I’m really excited for audiences to once again see Stallone in action. Go see RAMBO: LAST BLOOD which opens Friday, September 20th! I know I’ll be going again and again!

Stallone shows JoBlo.com some love! We love ya right back, Sly!

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