We talk The Belko Experiment with James Gunn, Greg McLean & Michael Rooker!

It's safe to say that James Gunn has a pretty solid grasp on writing fun characters with terrific humor. Well add to that filmmaker Greg McLean - a man who made Australia insanely scary thanks to WOLF CREEK -  and you have something that is wild and brutal, and yes there is humor. McLean has taken Gunn's script, and crafted a suspenseful thriller featuring one hell of a cast. You have Michael Rooker, Tony Goldwyn, John Gallagher Jr., Sean Gunn, John C. McGinley, Melonie Diaz, David Del Rio and more. And while you will laugh, you'll most certainly be on the edge of your seat for this one.

Recently at the junket for the film, we spoke with some of the fine talent involved. First we sat down with James Gunn. The filmmaker talked about writing the script, and the reasons he did not direct. It was a fun conversation about working with Greg and how he enjoys balancing his career between making massive Marvel films - including the biggest one to date - and once again disappearing into the darkness of horror. He also talked about why he took on a darker tone for this particular project, and it sure is a brutal ride.

Next we spoke to some of the incredible talent that is on-screen. Both Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker were terrific. And I couldn't help but talk a little HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER with Rooker. The actor discussed playing a different sort of character, and the wonderful on-screen relationship he has with his co-star, David Dastmalchian. I loved the two together in the film. And Gunn told a story about having the coolest lines in the film - the man has a great sense of humor as well. We also spoke to both Tony Goldwyn and John Gallagher Jr. who both had a little laugh when I mentioned my love for FRIDAY THE 13th PART 6. Since the two actors gave their characters a very different take on the situation, it was fun listening to why and how they came up with what we finally see in the film.

And finally, we sat down with Greg McLean. As a fan of the director, I'm happy to see him working with Mr. Gunn. When it came to the level of gore, there is a ton and it's not surprising considering both Gunn and McLean are involved. He chatted about the intensity of the violence and how to not make it overbearing. It may be violent as hell, yet he succeeded at making it one hell of a fun ride. THE BELKO EXPERIMENT is filled to the brim with tension, and it is crazy entertaining. Make sure you fill out your timecard this weekend and join in on THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, opening Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: AITH

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