We talk The Conjuring 2 with James Wan, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson & More!

As a huge fan of the first film, there was certainly excitement on my part when it was announced that James Wan would return to direct THE CONJURING 2. And thankfully, it's the perfect sequel. Perhaps in some ways even better than the original. It's a frightening journey into a haunted history, with fantastic performances from both Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. It also helps that newcomer Madison Wolfe is a revelation as a young girl who is tormented by a very nasty paranormal entity. The new film is so damn good, it ranks as one of the best horror sequels of all time.

Recently, we attended the junket for the new film and Warner Brothers proved to be quite creative when it came to setting things up. We even had the chance to do a stand up in a room designed to look like it came directely from the film. It was incredibly spooky and inspired. Our first interview was with the impressive new talent in the film. Both Madison Wolfe and the incredible Frances O'Connor seemed to be enjoying themselves talking about being a part of the sequel. We talked with the two about taking on such emotionally demanding roles, and playing people who had claimed to really go through this experience - the film is based on one of Ed and Lorraine Warren's most famous cases.

Next we spoke to the incredible James Wan. Considering the acclamied filmmaker found huge success with FURIOUS 7 and will  bringing AQUAMAN to the big screen, we spoke to the director about returning to horror. He also discussed one of my favorite scenes in the new film, and bringing something creepy to what could have been simply another interview sequence. Wan truly gave this film his all and it's beautifully shot, truly allowing the audience to take part in the scares, as well as the more personal moments.

And finally, you wouldn't have THE CONJURING without the phenomenal Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, once again taking on Ed and Lorraine. While it was late in the day, the two were so much fun to chat with. Hell, Mr. Wilson even allowed me to bask in the greatness of Farmiga's performance - but don't worry, he's fantastic as well. The two were especially warm, and talking to them in person, it becomes very clear why they are so good together in the films Make sure you check out THE CONJURING 2 this Friday - with select screenings Thursday night. Hell, I plan on returning for a second round myself.

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