Webber, Hurd-Wood, and Deutsch join Joe Dante's Labirintus

Mark Webber Joe Dante Labirintus

October brought the news that we have a new supernatural thriller to look forward to from master of horror director Joe Dante. Written by Alan Campbell, the film is called LABIRINTUS and tells the story of 

a paranormal investigator, a psychiatric researcher, and an engineer who join forces to explore an abandoned subterranean Soviet research facility, hidden within Hungary’s Budapest Labyrinth, the dark twisting catacombs beneath Buda Castle. When supernatural forces confound and torment the group, they begin to question their own sanity. To escape they must quash their fears and lead their team to find and destroy the dark heart of the maze.

Now we know the actors who will be bringing Campbell's characters to life on Dante's set.

Mark Webber of JESSABELLE and the upcoming GREEN ROOM has signed on to play the paranormal investigator, while Rachel Hurd-Wood (AN AMERICAN HAUNTING) will fill the role of the psychiatric researcher. The engineer is set to be played by Lorànt Deutsch. 

I've seen Webber in a good many movies, but I'm not that familiar with Hurd-Wood or Deutsch. I am a fan of Dante's, though, so I'm very much looking forward to LABIRINTUS (and I wouldn't be surprised if that title gets changed along the way).

Dante said of his cast, 

Mark, Rachel and Lorant are phenomenal actors and I am delighted to be working with them in what I anticipate will be a suspenseful, compelling, spine-tingling chiller."

Labirintus Joe Dante Rachel Hurd-Wood

Rachel Hurd-Wood

Extra Tidbit: How does LABIRINTUS sound to you?
Source: Variety



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