Well Go USA snatches up Korea's anthology Doomsday Book for US release

You guys are familiar with that Korean anthology coming our way called DOOMSDAY BOOK, right? Back in March we gave you a look at the trailer for this twisted little gem and now here we are with news on it's US release! Natch!

According to the folks over at Screen Daily DOOMSDAY BOOK has just been snatched up by Well Go USA for a US release. It was also announced that Splendid will be handling this shite for Benelux and Germany. Sounds good to me!

First Chapter ("Heaven's Creation") - A story about a robot who gains consciousness and the absurdity that follows.

Second Chapter ("The New Generation") - A clever action film told from the point of view of a boy who has become a zombie, this segment explores how humans lose control of planet Earth, becoming mere food for a different species.

Third Chapter ("The Christmas Gift") - A musical movie that re-interprets the beautiful love story "The Christmas Gift" by O Henry, this project confronts the basic instincts of a woman and her last chance to survive after witnessing the end of the world.

Coming from the directing duo of Kim Jee-Woon and Yim Pil-Sung, DOOMSDAY BOOK stars Kim Kang-Woo, Kim Gyu-Ri (below), Ryoo Seung-Bum, and Song Sae-Byeok. Now unfortunately there's no telling when this one will be dropping in the US but you can bet as soon as we know we'll pass that shite right along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: What other upcoming anthologies are you looking forward to?
Source: Screen Daily



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