We're looking for some feedback on our podcasts!!

As some of you already know, the JOBLO MOVIE NETWORK will be "revamping" its front page and news sections in the coming weeks, so that things will flow a lot better and a lot more information/content will be shown to you. To that end, we're also looking for some feedback from you regarding our 3 weekly podcasts: The Good, the Bad and the JoBlo Movie Podcast (posted every Monday), Blood, Bullets & Broads: The Arrow in the Head Podcast (posted every Wednesday) and JoBlo.com's Geek Chicks (posted every Friday).

We are looking for purely CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, both good and bad. Please let us know if you listen to any of the shows, if you do, what you like/dislike and/or what you'd like to see more/less of. We already have some ideas in mind, but it's hard to gauge overall listeners' opinions at times, without asking them directly. If you have listened to any of the podcasts, but stopped for some reason or another, please let us know that too.

Thanks in advance! 

Send all feedback to: [email protected].

And here's our feedback regarding these Hooters girls in the snow: thumb's up!

Source: JoBlo.com



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