Werewolves of the Third Reich coming to DVD in December

Andrew Jones Werewolves of the Third Reich

Rob Zombie may not ever get around to turning his GRINDHOUSE faux trailer WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE S.S. into a feature, so other filmmakers have to pick up the slack and bring us their own Nazi werewolf stories. Next month, we'll be getting writer/director Andrew Jones's take on that concept when his film WEREWOLVES OF THE THIRD REICH is released on DVD. 

Jones's WEREWOLVES has the following synopsis: 

In Nazi Germany at the height of World War II, a ragtag group of American soldiers known as "The Fearless Four" are shipped off to a military prison for a variety of infractions, ranging from mutiny to murder. While they're being transported, Nazis attack the convoy, killing the MPs, but the rebellious American soldiers manage to escape. Travelling deep into rural Germany, the Americans stumble upon an SS experiment camp run by the notorious Doctor Mengele. They soon discover Mengele's diabolical plan to fuse human and animal DNA to create an unstoppable army of Werewolf soldiers. The Fearless Four are now the allied forces' only hope of preventing Hitler's Third Reich gaining the upper hand in the War. It's a fight to the death and only the most brutal and merciless will survive! 

So it's basically it's something along the lines of "THE DIRTY DOZEN (minus some members) vs. Nazi werewolves", and that sounds like a recipe for solid entertainment.

Starring Lee Bane, Kwame Augustine, Derek Nelson, Darren Swain, Francesco Tribuzio, Gareth Lawrence, Suzie Frances Garton, Neville Cann, and Annabelle Lanyon, WEREWOLVES OF THE THIRD REICH hits DVD on December 5th.

The trailer for the film can be seen below. If it looks good to you, you can pre-order the DVD right now on Amazon.

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