What did I just watch? The trailer for Gingerclown 3D that's what!

Every so often a trailer will come along and you’ll be like “What the hell did I just watch?” Well that was my reaction for GINGERCLOWN 3D’s trailer, and probably yours as too.

If I were to judge by this new trailer alone as to what the film was about I’d honestly have no freakin’ clue. The start is so confusing and then the ending, I mean I guess there is an amusement park? Who the heck knows?

This film is apparently Europe’s first English language 3D horror film, and the makers have gone all out. They’ve got Tim Curry as Gingerclown, with the likes of Lance Henriksen, Michael Winslow, Brad Dourif and Sean Young all appearing. The film was written and directed by Balázs Hatvani.

1983. A group of high school students are having a great time near Hollywood Hills one weekend when they bump into the Loser from their school, Sam, who's just on his way home.

Sam would do anything in order to get Jenny's attention, one of prettiest girls in school. Unfortunately she's also the girlfriend of the school's bully, Biff, the quarterback of the football team.

Biff and his buddies are keen to take Sam to the old abandoned amusement park to make him prove his courage as part of their initiation ceremony. They involve Jenny in their cruel game as the grand prize of the competition. Sam accepts the challenge but the girl wouldn't let him go in by himself, she follows him into the amusement park and a night they'll never forget.

Because in the old park, hidden in the darkness are frightening and somewhat eccentric monsters that love to torture innocent human beings while intensively annoying each other.

Check out the trailer below, along with some promotional art.


Extra Tidbit: Tim Curry as a clown? Remember Stephen King's IT?
Source: AITH



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