What We Do in the Shadows spin-off Wellington Paranormal is filming

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WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS writers/co-directors Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement intend to get around to making a spin-off film called WE'RE WOLVES someday, but in the meantime they have been overseeing the development of a television series spin-off called Wellington Paranormal (which was originally announced last year under the title Paranormal Event Response Unit... I think Wellington Paranormal is better because I'm into the whole brevity thing.)

Wellington Paranormal follows WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS' police officer characters Mike Minogue and Karen O'Leary (played by Mike Minogue and Karen O'Leary) while they work in a paranormal activity division of the New Zealand Police Department,

keeping us safe from the supernatural as they hunt out ghosts, werewolves and demonic possessions. 

Speaking with Stuff, Clement revealed that Wellington Paranormal has been filming for around a month, with only one week left to go. Clement will be playing a member of the film crew that follows Minogue and O'Leary in the mockumentary series, and he stayed in character while talking about the rampant paranormal activity in the New Zealand city of Wellington.

It's surprising how many demonic possessions there are. There was a very tense situation at the Bucket Fountain – I can tell you it involved a possible Gateway from Hell. We're very concerned about this kind of stuff. 

We had an incident with some zombies which got pretty tense there. So luckily they're taken care of. A couple of crew members were turned into zombies – I think. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Also, some very worrying things have happened in Lower Hutt as well. There was a party in Khandallah that got a bit out of hand, too, with some undead member of the Wellington public."

The show will also featuring vampires and werewolves causing "a lot of trouble", and Stuff mentions that Cori Gonzalez-Macuer will be reprising the role of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS vampire Nick on the show.

Set to consist of six 30 minute episodes, Wellington Paranormal will air on New Zealand's TVNZ 2 sometime in mid-2018. We'll be watching for information on exactly when the show will premiere, and when/how WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS fans outside of New Zealand will be able to see it.

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