What's next for Martyrs director Pascal Laugier? Something twisted...

Pascal Laugier's MARTYRS has earned him a spot in the hearts of many horror fans, although his follow-up, this year's THE TALL MAN, may have shoved him out of there a little. Still, the director is one to keep an eye on, and whatever he works on within the next few years is sure to be worth following. So what's next for the French helmer?

In an interview with Bleeding Cool, Laugier reveals that he's looking to get away from the horror genre. But that doesn't mean he's going clean or eschewing genre elements. Far from it. Check out his quote right here:

"Next I’m going even further away from the horror genre, but at the same time it’s still a very genre related story; it’s a love story. I’ve never filmed people fucking because it’s probably the hardest thing to film because it’s been done so many times and so badly. Filming sex is probably the most challenging thing for a director and everything challenging is so exciting so I have decided very recently that for the same company as produced The Tall Man, I will do a movie about sex, about a couple. It’s a love story that turns into something very twisted."

A twisted love story from Mr. Laugier sounds very enticing indeed. Well, perhaps "enticing" is the wrong word, since it's sure to be massively disturbing, but let's just say we're quite intrigued.

Furthermore, it appears as though Laugier wants us conservative North Americans to get in on the (sex) act.

"I want to try being on set with two North American actors and, from my French perspective, ask them to do things that they’d never dare to do as North Americans. That’s part of my motivation."

We'll keep an eye on this project in order to gauge whether or not it's up our alley, but as of right now, anything "twisted" from Pascal Laugier deserves our attention.

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Extra Tidbit: Is a twisted sex movie from Pascal Laugier appealing to you? What if he cast his TALL MAN actress...?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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