Where do things stand with that long-awaited Goon adaptation?

Sometimes you hear about a flick coming out that you just can't help be excited for, right? I'm talking something you just feel with your gut. Well ever since I first heard about the upcoming David Fincher produced adaptation of THE GOON I've been excited for this thing. And truth is I wouldn't even be able to tell you why.

But what I can tell you is the small update we have on the feature today courtesy of the comic's creator Eric Powell! You see Powell recently updated his official blog with a word on the status of THE GOON... And folks unfortunately it doesn't sound good.

"Because I’ve been answering the same questions over and over again, and there's been some misunderstanding about where the Goon film is at, I thought I’d just write this to fill people in.

David Fincher and Blur still have the option for the Goon film and are still actively looking for funding.

Recently some sites have been saying the Goon film has been nixed based on comments from Paul Giamatti saying he didn’t know where the film was at and we must have ran out of money. Let me assure you we have not run out of money… because we never had any money to run out of.

It's been a while since anyone spoke to Giamatti about the project and I guess he wasn’t kept in the loop as to what was going on. So zip up your fly, Internet. The Goon is in the exact same position it’s been in for the past couple of years. Prepping the design and script while searching for funding.

I don’t have a role in acquiring the funding for the film, but I speak to Tim Miller at Blur, Fincher, and Mike Richardson with Dark Horse Entertainment every few weeks to get an update on the status. And last I spoke with Fincher and Miller they were gearing up for another round of meetings to try to acquire funding. We have to find the right people that get what we’re trying to do and will give us the budget we require. It’s going to take time when you’re dealing with a project like the Goon film. An animated (and not aimed towards toddlers) gangster film with monsters, murder, and tons of dark humor… where have you seen that before?

It’s going to take time to find a truly creative studio with a unique sense of vision to partner with us on this film. Fincher, Blur, Dark Horse, and I aren’t just throwing this out there. We want it done right and in the spirit of the source material. Doing something new is never easy… or fast.

Trust me, when someone steps up and we get this slated I will be screaming it from the rooftops. And if Fincher and Blur decide to pass, I will also let you know by posting something on thegoon.com. But there is zero change right now. We all remain dedicated and confident that we’ll get this thing done."

So basically things haven't changed one bit since we first wrote about the film. Sure it's a tad disappointing but at least Fincher and company are still trying to get things rolling on this one! Powell has recently updated his blog with messages from both Paul Giamatti and David Fincher. Tap that shite right HERE.

As always we'll keep our eyes peeled for any other updates that might spill our way on THE GOON. Here's hoping someone ponies up the dough for this one soon!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else bummed Fincher got snubbed for the Best Director Oscar for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO?
Source: Eric Powell



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