Which will Del Toro do first, Crimson Peak or Pac Rim 2?

I love Guillermo Del Toro's movies, but seriously-- he's got to slow down on the news front. Overexposure set in on the guy months ago but nevertheless we continue the Guillermo Del Toro update dance. Today's number has the director announce which will come first-- CRIMSON PEAK or PACIFIC RIM 2.

In a recent interview, Del Toro confirmed "We're going to do Crimson Peak first. We're going to write the screenplay [for Pacific Rim 2] and take it from there." He then added, "Depending on the screenplay, I'll do it or not." So PACIFIC RIM 2 could go the way of THE HOBBIT for the director if he isn't digging its where its going.

PAC RIM 2 is currently being penned by Travis Beacham, who wrote the original. Meanwhile, Del Toro's gothic romance CRIMSON PEAK, written on spec with Matthew Robbins, is probably ready to go. Until we get news otherwise, discuss among yourself which appeals to you more-- the monster wrasslin' of PAC RIM or the gothic ghostliness of CRIMSON PEAK.

Extra Tidbit: Rinko Kikuchi stars in PACIFIC RIM and doesn't seem to have an affinity for wearing clothes. Needless to say, her fan base is steadily growing...
Source: STYD



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