Will Oren Pel's "The River" swim to Netflix when its ABC run is over?

Oren Peli's paranormal adventure series "The River" never gripped me. I watched the two-hour premiere and knew the second it was over that I was done with it. I simply wasn't invested in the mystery or the drama. Plus, in my mind, the found footage format is just not suitable for a television series. I can hardly stomach the movies...

It would seem as though I'm not the only one who tuned out with the quickness; the show's run (which just concluded on ABC) was a low-rated one, and though it hasn't officially been cancelled by the network, it would be a shocker if it gets renewed.

However, fans of the series (are you out there?) should take solace in the knowledge that "The River" hasn't dried up just yet. Netflix, which is getting into the original programming game in a big way right now, is evidently having conversations with ABC about importing the show onto the streaming service.

It's not official as of right now, but it's something to keep an eye on. Netflix is also reportedly interested in bringing "Terra Nova", which was recently cancelled by Fox, into the fold.

If you missed "The River" completely, here's how it kicked off: Famed explorer, naturalist, and TV personality, Dr. Emmet Cole, has gone missing deep within the Amazon rainforest and is presumed dead. However, his wife, the passionate and devoted Tess Cole, will not give up hope. When Emmet Cole’s distress beacon goes off, Emmet’s long-time TV producer, Clark Quietly, offers Tess and her family the opportunity to go to the Amazon to find him.

"The River's" Paulina Gaitan

Extra Tidbit: Both shows Netflix is considering saving, "The River" and "Terra Nova," were produced by Steven Spielberg.
Source: Deadline



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