Will Smith's biblical vampire story The Redemption of Cain moves forward

Will Smith + the story Cain and Abel = a vampiric twist = Huh?!

Two years ago was when news of this rather odd-sounding project came to light; called THE LEGEND OF CAIN, it was to be produced by Smith, his wife and his Overbrook Entertainment partners. It obviousl had trouble getting started, as we never heard from it again, and Smith then turned his attention to MEN IN BLACK III (which, we all know by now, was going to take up a lot of his time.)

Now the project is back on track at Sony Pictures Entertainment, going by the title THE REDEMPTION OF CAIN. Specific details are scarce; all we know is that it's somehow mixing the familiar Cain and Abel saga with bloodsuckers. Bizarre, but intriguing. The original script was penned by Caleeb Pinkett (yes, the brother of Jada Pinkett-Smith) and Daniel Knauf (the creator of "Carnivale").

It looks like production will commence next summer in London and Jordan, with exteriors shot in Morocco. Once we learn further details, we'll stake you with them.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

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Source: The Wrap



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