Will the Robocop remake arrest Abbie Cornish?

Robocop might get himself a lady friend soon.

According to Deadline.com, Abbie Cornish has been offered the "female lead" in Jose Padilha's remake of ROBOCOP; no deal is in place just yet. Interestingly, the role isn't that of Officer Lewis, Robocop/Murphy's partner in the original, but Murphy's wife, who thinks he's dead. The role, you'll recall, was practically nonexistent in the Paul Verhoeven film, although she did get some more screentime in the sequel. (She was originally played by Angie Bolling.)

If she accepts the assignment, Cornish would join Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson in the MGM-produced remake, which is scheduled for release next summer.

ROBOCOP is about an indestructible high-tech policeman who dishes out justice at every turn! When a good cop gets blown away by some ruthless criminals, innovative scientists and doctors are able to piece him back together as an unstoppable crime-fighting cyborg called "Robocop." Impervious to bullets and bombs, and equipped with high-tech weaponry, Robocop quickly makes a namefor himself by cleaning up the crime-ridden streets of violence-ravaged Detroit. But despite his new, hardened exterior, Robocop is tormented by scraps of memory of his former life, and relives vividnightmares of his own death at the hands of the vicious killers.

Extra Tidbit: Cornish was recently seen in SUCKER PUNCH and LIMITLESS.
Source: Deadline.com



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