Willem Dafoe to star in The Witch director's The Lighthouse

Willem Dafoe Spider-Man

It had been looking like THE WITCH director Robert Eggers was going to make a remake of F.W. Murnau's 1922 silent classic NOSFERATU his second feature, but the issue is that he cast THE WITCH's Anya Taylor-Joy in the film - and Taylor-Joy is very busy. So rather than just hang out and wait for a window of opportunity to arrive in the actress's schedule, Eggers is moving forward with a different feature.

Eggers has written and will be directing THE LIGHTHOUSE for RT Features, Parts & Labor, New Regency, and A24.

Set at the start of the 20th century, the film is about lighthouse keepers in Maine. 

That description doesn't give away anything and makes THE LIGHTHOUSE sound like a sleepy drama, but the announcement assures us that this is a thriller.

For the role of one of the lighthouse keepers, an aging fellow appropriately called Old, Eggers has cast the always reliable Willem Dafoe.

Produced by Rodrigo Teixeira, Jan Van Hoy, Youree Henley, and Lourenço Sant’ Anna, THE LIGHTHOUSE will be filming in Nova Scotia. We'll keep you updated on it as it continues moving forward.

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Source: Deadline



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