William Brent Bell's follow-up to The Devil Inside gets a title and start date

Last we heard about William Brent Bell's follow-up to his unexpected success THE DEVIL INSIDE, it was an untitled, unspecific project set for a spring start in Romania. Now, thanks to Screen Daily, some light has been shed on the flick - if only a little.

According to the site, the film will go by the title WER or "WHO". Unfortunately, we still know nothing about the plot; what we do know is that it's a different horror genre from DEVIL INSIDE, and Bell will utilize (at least partially) the "found footage" format again.

UPDATE: Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the film takes place in a police station, and revolves around a suspect in custody who transforms into a werewolf.

WER is scheduled to commence principle photography on APRIL 9th. Bell has co-written the screenplay with his DEVIL INSIDE collaborator Matthew Peterman. Sales company Sierra/Affinity and its Incentive Filmed Entertainment are financing and will produce with Steven Schneider, Peterman and Morris Paulson.

From Bell's STAY ALIVE, Sophia Bush

Extra Tidbit: Are you at all looking forward to what THE DEVIL INSIDE boys have up their sleeve for an encore?
Source: Screen Daily



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