William Friedkin announces Killer Joe TV series

Well, I know what I'm watching tonight. 

Yep, don't hate me too much, but I have not seen KILLER JOE. No worries, it has been on my must-watch list for years now, I just keep passing it by for absolutely no reason. But I'm getting on it tonight.

This is due to the fact that KILLER JOE (and THE EXORCIST) director William Friedkin is currently developing a TV series based on the highly regarded horror(ish) thriller.

IndieWire reports that it is currently Friedkin's plan to take Joe out of the trailer park and throw him into high Texas society, now working as the chief of police.

Friedkin on KILLER JOE: The TV Series:

It’s set among the millionaires and billionaires, who have their wives or business competitors killed. Joe is a hired killer who frames bad guys for the murders who can’t get arrested for something else, or he makes them look like suicides... He becomes a kind of avenging angel in the series because he doesn’t just kill anybody for hire. He has to feel that guy in some way deserves to go.

And to get it out of the way, no, Friedkin isn't planning to cast Matthew McConaughey again. Too bad. But it makes sense considering the actor is in super high demand nowadays and you cannot plan an ongoing TV series around such a superstar.

TRUE DETECTIVE only required 8 episodes worth of a commitment from McConaughey.

KILLER JOE synopsis:

A cop (Matthew McConaughey) who moonlights as a hit man agrees to kill the hated mother of a desperate drug dealer (Emile Hirsch) in exchange for a tumble with the young man's virginal sister (Juno Temple).

Friedkin is supposedly all set to begin working on the show's pitch bible with MILLION DOLLAR BABY and CRASH producer Bobby Maresco within the next week or so.

We'll let you know when we hear more.

Extra Tidbit: Killer Joe is based on a 1993 play by Tracy Letts.
Source: Indie Wire



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