William Shatner wore the original Michael Myers mask trick or treating

Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green's direct sequel to John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN starring Jamie Lee Curtis hit theaters last month and has been making a f*cking killing ever since. One of the aspects I appreciated the most about this new entry in the slasher series, was the return of the original(ish) William Shatner mask from the original 1979 film.

And speaking of HALLOWEEN and Captain Kirk's involvement with the mask, how does the man feel about Carpenter and co using his likeness to strike fear into the hearts of millions of moviegoers each year? Well, it turns out the Shatner has a good time with the fact that Michael Myers and he share the same face. Recently he even told EW the story about how it wore it out trick or treating with his little ones one year.

William Shatner:

When my kids were younger, and they’d go trick-or-treating, and I would go with them, I’d wear the mask. If [people] didn’t give them candy, I’d take off the mask, and blow a kiss.

Haha. Nice! Good to know the man has a sense of humor about the whole thing. But what does he think of the lack of money that's come his way since the release of the first film back in the late 70's? Shatner says:

They found it somewhere in a toy store or somewhere. I don’t have a piece of the film. Maybe you can negotiate it for me!

Not to poke any bears here, but do you think that William Shatner deserves a piece of the HALLOWEEN pie considering that the movie (basically) features him as the main star, albeit with an albino complexion? As silly as this question might be, I'd really like to know what you guys think so make sure to hit us up and let us know below!

Source: EW



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