Wolf Creek director Greg McLean heads to the Jungle for Arclight Films

Aussie director Greg McLean has had a busy year, seeing the North American release of WOLF CREEK 2 a few months ago and currently working on Blumhouse's 6 MIRANDA DRIVE, but that hasn't prevented him from looking ahead to his next project as Variety is reporting that McLean will be going from the horrors of the Outback deep into the terrors of the wilderness with JUNGLE, based on the international best selling memoir "Lost in the Jungle" written by Yossi Ghinsberg.

JUNGLE tells the story of Yossi, a young enthusiastic man with adventurous dreams who heads into the Bolivian jungle with two friends and a fraudulent guide. Their journey turns into a frightening psychological test of faith and human fortitude against the deadliest threats of the wilderness.

The script was written by one of Australia’s leading screenwriters, Justin Monjo (RUSH, THE ALICE) and is produced by Dana Lustig (DANCING IN THE BLUE LAGUNA, THOUSAND KISSES KEEP), Gary Hamilton (LORD OF WAR, BAIT, THE BANK JOB), and Mike Gabrawy (RESIDENT EVIL, BAIT).

Arclight Films is handling worldwide sales and will be presenting the project to buyers in Cannes.

WOLF CREEK 2's John Jarrett and director Greg McLean

Extra Tidbit: Does JUNGLE seem like a good fit for McLean's directorial skills?
Source: Variety



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