Wolf Man to come scratching at our door in 2018

Speaking of Aaron Guzikowski... The PRISONERS scribe who is currently in talks to pen FRIDAY THE 13TH for Platinum Dunes has more big news on the way. His upcoming film THE WOLF MAN, has a release date!

Another entry in the rebooted Universal Monsters franchise, which already includes DRACULA UNTOLD, THE WOLF MAN is set for release on March 30, 2018. That seems so far away, doesn't it? Universal seems to be taking the Marvel model of planning ahead.

Obviously, no cast has been announced because they might not even have been born yet. The films are intended to take place in a shared universe, so maybe we'll get another classic monster tossed into the pot for flavor. Maybe Aaron Eckhart's hot Frankenstein might just find a place in the world of THE WOLF MAN.

Maybe. We'll have the opportunity to find out if we're patient. More on this story as it breaks!

Extra Tidbit: What's the last werewolf movie that you really liked?
Source: Box Office Mojo



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