Writer and director in place for Monsters sequel, The Dark Continent

Gareth Edwards' MONSTERS was a minor indie sensation when it hit two years ago; shot on a tiny budget but utilizing a lot of ingenuity, the film made a big enough impact to send Edwards into GODZILLA territory. (Although that project is moving along at a snail's pace.)

A sequel has been talked about in the past, but right now it's perhaps as close to happening as ever. In Screen Daily's annual line-up of the Stars of Tomorrow, it is revealed that Jay Basu (FAST GIRLS) will pen the screenplay for MONSTERS 2, subtitled THE DARK CONTINENT, while UK television helmer Tom Green ("Misfits") will direct. Gareth Edwards was at one point attached to executive produce, but there's no word on whether or not he's still involved.

The sequel evidently deals with a teacher living outside the walled quaratined zone in Central America and his brother whom he ventures into the region to find—a former military man who has become a figure akin to APOCALYPSE NOW’s Colonel Kurtz.

That actually sounds like a very worthy premise for a sequel to MONSTERS - and as I was not the biggest fan of the original, I certainly think there's room for improvement.

We'll keep you on point with MONSTERS 2 as it chugs along.

Monsters star Whitney Able

Extra Tidbit: Were you a fan of the original MONSTERS? (Yes, I mean the 80s TV show!)
Source: Screen Daily



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