Wrong Turn 5: Bloodbath gets Halloween-ready release date; details here

WRONG TURN 5: BLOODBATH will be a Halloween treat for those of you who can still stomach the franchise. Fox Home Entertainment will release the Declan O'Brien film on OCTOBER 23rd, so you'll be free to cuddle up with these naughty hillbillies during our favorite time of year.

The cutting-edge terror continues when a small mining town hosts the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where crowds of costumed partygoers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. But a killer celebration soon gives way to a blood-soaked feeding frenzy when an inbred family of hillbilly cannibals trick and treat themselves to a group of visiting college students who are just dying for a good time...

Special features on the Blu-ray include:
* A Day in the Death
* Hillbilly Kills
* Director's Die-aries
* Audio Commentary by Declan O'Brien

Doug Bradley, Camilla Arfwedson, Roxanne McKee, Simon Ginty, Oliver Hoare and Amy Lennox star in WRONG TURN 5, which you can pre-order right HERE on Blu-ray or HERE on DVD.

Roxanne McKee

Extra Tidbit: Shockingly, WRONG TURN 5's runtime is 112 minutes!



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