WTF? Charlie Kaufman set to adapt young adult novel Chaos Walking for Lionsgate?

I thought the dude couldn't meet a deadline to save his life...

Speaking of Deadline, it is they who're reporting that Charlie Kaufman - tortured scribe of a generation - is set to adapt CHAOS WALKING for Lionsgate, the first in a trilogy of young adult novels. We first told you about the project in October, when Eric astutely pointed out the unique nature of the story. Perhaps that's why the studio went after a unique voice to adapt said story. Think it'll work?

From author Patrick Ness:

The books are set in a dystopian future with humans colonizing a distant earth-like planet. When an infection called the Noise suddenly makes all thought audible, privacy vanishes in an instant. In the ensuing chaos, a corrupt autocrat threatens to take control of the human settlements and wage war with the indigenous alien race, and only young Todd Hewitt holds the key to stopping planet wide-destruction.

I don't know. As different as it may seem, certainly compared to other YA novels, I just can't see Kaufman adapting another person's voice. Hell, last time he tried, he literally came up with ADAPTATION...a filmic deconstruction of him trying to adapt Susan Orlean's "The Orchid Thief." Also, dude's notorious for missing deadlines. How funny would it be if he copped a check and then turned in a draft 6 years later? Most obvious, why would an artsy auteur like Kaufman want to indulge in a HUNGER GAMES like franchise for kids?

Seriously, how do you take this knowledge? Is Kaufman a smart hire by Lionsgate? Is CHAOS WALKING a smart project for Kaufman to adapt? Seems odd, no?

Elizabeth Banks, star of Kaufman's newest film FRANK OR FRANCIS

Extra Tidbit: You a Kaufman fan? What's is best work in your opinion?
Source: Deadline



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