Yellow Affair handling sales for Swedish genre flick Dark Water; US release looming?

You guys ever hear of a Swedish thriller called DARK WATER (MORKT VATTEN)? Don't worry if you haven't... my guess is not many have. But that's exactly why I'm here!

News breaking over at Bloody-Disgusting has Yellow Affair snatching up the sales rights for DARK WATER, which hopefully means a US release for this little diddy is just around the corner. Coming from director Rafael Edholm, the international thriller reads:

Never mix business with pleasure. Daniel is an ambitious real estate agent on the verge of landing partnership in the firm. He is also having an affair with the lovely Marie, the boss’s wife. Together they take the liberty of spending a passionate weekend together in an extravagant designer country house out in the Stockholm archipelago – a house he is to sell on Monday. Everything is going well until George the handyman turns up. George, clearly a tortured soul, has a judgmental streak. When he sees what’s going on he begins to test and administer his own sense of justice. And once he starts, there’s no turning back. George, the handyman, knows how to finish every job.

Sounds pretty solid actually. I've gone and tossed up the trailer for the flick, which stars Helena af Sandeberg (below), Sverrir Gudnason and Andrzej Chyra, below and over in our videos section. Just to give you an idea of what we're in store for with DARK WATER.

With this news I would assume we'll be treated to more DARK WATER updates in the near future so be sure to check back for more on the film as it comes our way.

DARK WATER (2012) - Swedish Trailer

Extra Tidbit: This has nothing to do with the J-horror flick DARK WATER or it's horrendous US remake.



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