Yet another cult-related TV show in the works: Midnight Sun

After Kevin Williamson's serial killer cult show, the CW's television-obsessed cult show, and now this, a show about the disappearance of a cult, it's quite obvious that cults are the new vampires.

The latest series in the unlikely subgenre is "Midnight Sun", which is being developed for NBC. The series follows the mysterious disappearance of Midnight Sun, a group living on a cult-like commune in Alaska, and the female FBI cult specialist leading the investigation who uncovers a larger conspiracy.

Thanks to its chilly setting and its potential for supernatural conspiracies, "Midnight Sun" is drawing comparisons to "Twin Peaks" and "Lost". Will this one be as fascinating/frustrating as those two?

Speaking of "Lost", that show's villainous Man in Black - Titus Welliver (pictured above right) - is the first to join "Midnight Sun." Welliver will play Bennett Maxwell, the charismatic and manipulative leader of the missing cult in question.

Also from "Lost": Evangeline Lilly

Extra Tidbit: Which of these cult shows sounds like the biggest hoot?
Source: Deadline.com



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