You can go deep In the Hell of Dixie on January 26th

Alternative Cinema will be releasing the '80s slasher throwback IN THE HELL OF DIXIE onto DVD on January 26, 2016, and we have the trailer and some artwork for you to look over to help you decide if you'd like to go on this horrific vacation down South.

A self-financed labor of love for writer/director Eric F. Adams, IN THE HELL OF DIXIE has the following synopsis:

Every town has its secrets. During one terrifying night, Gloster, Louisiana, lets its darkest one out.  Deep in the woods of southern Louisiana, a masked killer stalks members of a local hunting club. As blood trails begin to connect the victims, police deputy Ned Annison finds himself caught in the middle, pursued by both the killer and the town sheriff, who believes Ned is the man responsible.  Always one step ahead, Ned works to stop the killer and clear his name, only to find that some friendships end in blood.

Homages to '80s slashers are popular these days, but Adams' take on the concept is set apart from most of its modern day peers by the fact that it was actually shot on film, Super 16mm.

Say you're trying to capture some of the same magic that my beloved slashers of the good old days had and you instantly have my attention. I never get tired of watching slashers, and IN THE HELL OF DIXIE is another that is getting added to my "to watch" list.

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