You can now listen to John Carpenter's Lost Themes in its entirety!

One of the most exciting releases in the horror genre this year isn't a movie or TV show; rather, it's John Carpenter's "Lost Themes," which features nine new tracks by the master of horror himself. We've brought you samplings of what's in store in the past, but now you can listen to the entire thing courtesy of NPR. Just click HERE and let the awesome synth goodness enter your earhols.

Here's a sample of NPR's very complimentary review:

Lost Themes naturally conjures such slasher-film associations, but it also evokes the milieu in which Carpenter rose to fame. This is thoroughly '80s-sounding music, and understandably so; Carpenter wisely sticks with what he knows, leaning on his trademark synth sound rather than forcing his aesthetic into an awkward modern update. Paradoxically, the dated nature of Lost Themes gives it a timeless aura. At 67, Carpenter can still make something frozen in time feel eternal.

"Lost Themes" will be officially released on February 3rd.

Source: NPR



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