You can watch the award winning found footage horror Subconscious for free

A festival hit, Greek filmmaker Chris Petropoulos' found footage horror SUBCONSCIOUS was a victim of bad timing, being released during a time when found footage horror was heavily saturating the marketplace and...

Wait...what? Oh, it's still heavily saturated? There's a new found footage thriller released seemingly every week, you say? Hmm. Ok. No wonder this little gem was overlooked when it first hit festivals back in 2009. Such a shame as it is better than 99% of the other garbage that gets a proper release nowadays. It deserves to find an audience.

And that is just what Petropoulos is trying to do now, as the director has taken the film back into the editing room and recut the footage, tightening some of the pacing and adding some computer-generated FX to heighten the suspense in a brand new Director's Cut. And for a very limited time he's releasing the film for your viewing pleasure on his Vimeo page (which you can peep right HERE).

Fanis is a twenty-something boy who suffers from a particularly distressing nightmare that always seems to involve an intensely creepy shrine of unknown origin. He firmly believes that unraveling the mystery behind the dream will effectively dismantle these horrifying visions, and promptly sets out on a quest to secure what’s left of his sanity. This spooky adventure includes a strange girl Fanis meets on the internet, a long car ride across the Greek countryside, and a secluded house in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, something extremely dreadful befalls poor Fanis and his skinny blonde companion during this questionable excursion into the foreboding countryside.

Check out the trailer for SUBCONSCIOUS below and if you dig what you see, check out the entire film on Vimeo.

Extra Tidbit: Sick of found footage horror films yet? Or do you think there is still some life left in the subgenre?



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