You might want to break the rules w/ new UV-sensitive Gremlins soundtrack LP

Gremlins Mondo

The original soundtrack to GREMLINS is coming to Mondo vinyl, and it may tempt you to break the rules, if you dare. As pretty much every living being in the known universe knows, you're not allowed to expose a mogwai to bright light, get it wet, or feed it after midnight. That isn't the case with this release of Jerry Goldsmith's score, with brand new art by Phantom City Creative.

You see, the gatefold jacket is UV sensitive, revealing secret messages when exposed to bright light. And the disc sleeves are water sensitive, allowing you to uncover additional imagery when you rub it with a damp cloth! Just try not to get the record itself wet. That might not go so well. Check out the artwork and their secret revelations below!

You can order your copy right here starting Wednesday, November 30th at Noon CT.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be picking up a copy of the GREMLINS OST?



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